This is a project of the International Astronomical Union-Office for Astronomy for Development (IAU-OAD) 


AstroSprint is a guide to enter Astronomy Research. 


 We have three workshops planned for the year 2021, find the details for each below: 

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Warp Drive your way to Research in Astronomy!


26th, 27th & 28th  March

Online Zoom Sessions.


(21-31 August 2021) 

We are planning sessions on weekends & weekdays from 21-31 August to distribute the talks. Most days you have 1, 2 or maximum 3 talks on a not overload u

Here is the schedule

The Zoom link is:Topic: AstroSprint: Discovery

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Meeting ID: 576 054 6150

Passcode: HAS2020

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 Next Generation

Dates to be announced

Venue to be announced​

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